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Michael Hampson Jr.

Mortgage Originator

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About Michael

         Mike Hampson is a native of Warwick, RI and a familiar name to those who have been the recipient of his generous support over the years, including the Warwick North Little League, Warwick PAL Baseball and the Boys & Girls Club's Youth Hoop teams. But Mike Hampson is more than a donor to neighborhood programs; he is also a deeply committed and avid fan of all things that build his broader community. This commitment stretches from these teams to those people who make their homes in this region. As a trusted Mortgage Advisor during a market that offers historically low mortgage rates, Mike knows that the dream of home ownership and affordable mortgage payments can be within reach for everyone - and he knows he is the one who can lead prospective buyers and current homeowners toward that dream. After 31 years in the business and working under the auspices of one of the top regional mortgage brokers, Anchor Financial, Mike has a proven record of professionalism, personalized service, accessibility and integrity.

         Mr. Hampson's expertise lies in all aspects of mortgage financing, helping homeowners buy their first homes and helping them plan their future by refinancing them. Michael has been effective in procuring loans with the greatest of speed and efficiency, meeting realtors' deadlines in record time with the fastest turnaround. When you are going through the laborious and often confusing process of getting a loan or refinancing your home, you need someone with Mike's experience and vision to expedite the process with the BEST RATES possible. Ask him about the hundreds of loan programs available for you today, including streamlines, FHA, VA, 203K, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He even has loan programs for homeowners with little to NO EQUITY.

Mike specializes in the following:

 FHA, VA & USDA loans

• Multi-family homes

• Self Employed borrowers

• Investment Homes

• Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac loans

• First Down Program - 100% financing

• FHA streamlines (loans with no appraisals)

> Non QM Loans (one year out of foreclosure and bankruptcy)

         In addition to Mike's reputation for excellence, what sets him apart is his availability - seven days a week. He knows that home buyers follow their loans very closely and he is with his clients every step of the way. Mike is not only available seven days a week but he will also come to your home or business for a personal consultation. After 31 years, he knows that his clients come first - and he considers their successes, his successes.

Please feel free to call Mike Hampson at any time for a free in-home consultation. Don't wait to get started on your future.

Give Mike a call today at 401-595-8198.